Press Kit


A Godlike Good Kid is an interactive comic book experience that will take you on a journey through an enigmatic, magical world. As a “God” of this world, help Faye through her misadventures and unravel the mystery of the lost memories.
Imagine Telltale-like storytelling, where the player’s point of view is beyond the fourth wall, and your actions change the world.


The Features

  • Animated visual novel adventure.
  • Bizzare Lynch-like world meets Alice in Wonderland.
  • Click, drag, zoom, draw, change the order of events.
  • 20 beautifully hand-illustrated and hand-animated pages.
  • Change the world, watch the story unfold.

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Do you like visual novels but want more cognitive involvement? Do you like puzzle games but want more story? If so, A Godlike Good Kid would be a perfect choice. If you have played Framed or Machinarium, then never miss A Godlike Good Kid. About the team, it is a bunch of nerds pursuing graduate degrees in game development from UC Santa Cruz, we call ourselves Bodhi Three.


A Godlike Good Kid is available for download on the App Store exclusively for iPad. Stay tuned for updates.